"I filed my own taxes in 2010, but Sally Lindberg & Associates reviewed my filing and
Amended my Tax Return which brought me a greater refund. This was the first, and
last time, I will try to prepare my own taxes without their help and assistance."

Terry S

"I want to thank you so much for as usual your professionalism, expertise, promptness and again as usual all your support and kind words.

You really are a great group to be associated with, I am lucky to have you!"

Joe G

"It was just as easy as faxing something back and forth, but of course better print quality!
Thanks for further expanding my computer skills! And for all the great work this office does!

C.L., Lake Arthur, LA

"With regard to the DropFolder.net portal, I think it's so efficient in the current times. It
was a safe log in, fast download to my own computer for future reference and going green
is saving trees. I really like the DropFolder, especially with your office processing our tax
returns for personal and business across many states. Since, we are far apart I felt like the
tax returns are right at my finger tips be it local or long distance. Now, I will look forward to
my Efile tax refund! Thanks again for the hard work this year."

Joe G., Frisco

"I just uploaded the Settlement Statement in DropFolderl This is way cool."

S. Thompson

Sally always makes time to talk to her clients and answer questions.

Sally is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit that has historically been the backbone of our country’s success for centuries. Our country’s founding forefathers brought innovations in government that had never existed before and still today set our Constitution apart from all others around the globe.

Sally is first and foremost a person committed to service and contribution. She has been married to her husband, Mr. Wonderful Bert for 50 plus years. They are the proud parents of 2 children, 7 grandchildren and plus 2 “bonus” grandchildren. Sally has been in the forefront of successful businesses such as photography, framing & art gallery which gives her insight and wisdom in the complexities of business from start-up to exit strategy. This became a life journey that led to the founding of Sally Lindberg & Associations.

If you are seeking answers, Sally will answer them or lead you to the qualified expert with the answers. (This is written by a long-time, colleague, client and friend who is honored to know her.)

Respectfully and in appreciation,

Jewel McKeon
Founder & President
Power Point3 Inc. – The P3 Agency
International Brand, Marketing, Creative Design & PR Firm
Leading the Way to Success since 1990
2004 National Business Woman of the Year
2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year

Jewel McKeon

P3 Agency