Firm Profile

Our Mission

External Mission:

With our God given talents, we provide ethical and responsive tax and accounting services, making our clients’ lives less taxing.

Internal Mission:

As good stewards with professional standards, we are committed to honor what is best for each client. We envision an arena where both clients and team members can be appreciated, grow personally and professionally while prospering with the practice.

Our Guarantee:

If you give someone our business card, or send them to our website, they will thank you.

Our Overall Goal:

To champion change and embrace technology while surpassing expectations in personal service and creating an efficient practice where clients always feel doubly, appreciated and valued for their contribution to the business growth and development of our economy.

History of the Company

  • 1988-1993: Sally prepared taxes from her dining room table
  • 1993: Sally passed the grueling Enrolled Agent* Exam
  • 1994: The practice expanded to 50 tax clients
  • 1994-2000: The practice continued as a home based endeavor with Julia Rhoads joining in September 2001 adding accounting with tax for the many business clients.
  • 9-6-2002: Sally and Bert purchased an office suite at the Criterion Center
  • 2-1-2003: The practice moved to the Criterion Center and staff expanded to 4 full-time Team members
  • 2003-Present Our Practice has been blessed and now we have a Team of 12 full-time and part-time personnel consisting of EA’s, degreed accountants, tax preparers and our awesome Admin team.
  • Featured in Premier Edition of CRAVE, The ultimate guide to women-owned businesses in Tampa Bay – Entrepreneurs you need to know.