Clients receiving a lot of joy with “Financial Peace”….Dave Ramsey

As 2013 is ending, I have been meeting with many clients to discuss year end tax planning.  Many of you know that I am a great fan of Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University classes.  I like it so much I have facilitated this course at my church several times.

As I have met with these clients, I have been receiving a lot of joy as many of them have attended one of Dave Ramsey’s courses and they all tell me….”It has changed their lives!”.

Married couples working together as a team on financial goals AND celebrating together!  What a blessing!

There are local classes starting in January 2014 all around the Tampa Bay area.  Go to Dave Ramsey website to find class locations and dates.    It will be the best $99 you have ever spent, plus that $99 can be tax deductible!

Sally says….

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