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Tax Insight April 2017 Newsletter

Tax Notes If you no longer use paper checks, you can make payments to the IRS using myPay. For 2016, the annual gift tax exclusion is $14,000 per donee. For 2016, a qualified individual may exclude up to $101,300 of qualified foreign earned income. Set up my Social Security Account Setting up my Social Security… Read more

Charitable Contributions

Have you heard the latest changes in charitable contributions? The IRS has put out some new information regarding charitable contributions and the eligibility to claim these deductions. Please click HERE to read the article or watch the video below!

Important Tax Tips For Individuals We’d Like To Share

Important Tax Tips For Individuals . On January 2,2013, President Obama signed The American Taxpayer Relief Act into law. This bill is over 150 pages and retroactively extends many of the sunset provisions as well as permanently patching Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). However, the following items were only extended until December 31, 2013, and without… Read more