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Sally Lindberg & Associates January 2019 Newsletter

Due Diligence You may notice that your tax preparer is asking you a lot of additional questions this year. Why is that? The IRS identified several areas of concern for fraud and identity theft. A few years ago, they started requiring tax professionals to complete formalized due diligence for taxpayers who took the earned income… Read more

Charitable Contributions

Have you heard the latest changes in charitable contributions? The IRS has put out some new information regarding charitable contributions and the eligibility to claim these deductions. Please click HERE to read the article or watch the video below!

Sally Lindberg & Associates April 2015 Newsletter

New Social Security Service About a third of people who receive social security benefits have to pay income tax on those benefits. At the end of each year, the Social Security Administration mails a Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA-Form 1099) showing the total benefits received. Social security beneficiaries who misplaced or didn’t receive their SSA-1099… Read more

Sally Lindberg & Associates January 2015 Newsletter

TAX INSIGHT January 2015   Be Prepared for Your Tax Appointment When we meet to discuss your 2014 tax situation, you’ll save time and money by coming prepared. Common items that you should provide, if applicable, include: • Medical expenses such as prescriptions, dental and medical insurance premiums. You’ll also need documentation of your health… Read more