As you browse through our website you will discover valuable features to make your life less taxing.
You will learn about the comprehensive services we provide and important background information on our
team. Each team member has a photo and short bio for you to review under our Contact Info section. Highlights
you will find invaluable are:

Interactive Financial Calculators (in our Financial Tools section)

In-depth from our lips to your ears information tailored to our clients – please see our proprietary W.O.W.
Words section.
The innovative W.O.W. plan (the Working on the Web plan) developed by our Team is
more than just a plan to complete taxes – it’s the philosophy base of how we serve our clients,
utilize technology and increase our efficiency.

Informative Articles (in our Newsletter section)

Our newsletter and articles provide current information to guide you throughout the year and educate you
in best practices and strategies.

Going Green Initiative

This technology supports our Going Green initiative to maintain environmental awareness. The cutting-edge
technology of our DropFolder.net tool is an integral part of our W.O.W. plan. DropFolder.net is a secure,
online document-sharing application which allows us to upload documents to our clients via the web using
a user name and secured by your personal password.

Real Time IRS Changes

Take time to check out the Internet Links provided for your use. The Internal Revenue Service link takes
you to the latest IRS changes in real time!! (Before it goes to print.)